At MVRU, we have been working on new ways to diagnose malaria. We were one of the first research groups to apply Loop Mediate Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) to detect malaria parasites. This technology works by amplifying the target DNA molecule at a single temperature, thus requiring simple instrumentation while maintaining very high detection sensitivity comparable to PCR. Our LAMP assays were created in response to the need of quick and easy diagnosis in the remote sites in Thailand. Thousands of blood samples have been tested to validate the assays. All types of human malaria parasites can now be detected and differentiated. These tools have helped us find low-density asymptomatic malaria carriers in our study areas.

Our LAMP assays are simple. It can be performed with minimal staff training and equipment. All human malaria parasites are readily detected by our assays. The assays have been field evaluated in many places in Thailand and Korea. LAMP assays have revolutionalised malaria detection by enabling rapid, accurate and sensitive parasite diagnosis.