Dr. Jetsumon, director of MVRU, has a presentation on Cases studies of Tropical Health, Pre-meeting course for JITMM 2018 on the topic of Challenges for Malaria elimination in GMS at Amari water gate hotel.

This pre-meeting course is set up to update on case studies on Tropical health from each speakers including Dr. Jetsumon.

Dr. Jetsumon presents about background of malaria disease transmission with the life cycle of Plasmodium spp. and about topics as follow

  • Challenges for malaria elimination in GMS

    • P. falciparum: artemismin resistance
    • P. vivax: G6PD, hypnozoite
    • Lmited tools for vector control and management; outdoor transmission and multiple vectors all year round, etc.
    • No available vaccine to date
    • Many drugs under development and not ready for routine treatment
  • International network: APMEN (Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network)

    • Malaria-free, currently, Sri Lanka only
    • Malaria-eliminated by 2020, Bhutan China, Malaysia, South Korea
    • Transitioning towards malaria elimination (2025-2030), Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Phillippines, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Timor leste, Vanuatu, Vietnam
    • Malaria disease burden reduction (but targeting 2030), Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, PNG
  • Research to Policy

    • Many research groups in the GMS countries on drugs
    • Limited research on vectors and control as well as social sciences
    • Very few in depth social science study on knowledge of malaria in population at risk and community engagement to malaria elimination
    • How the research outcome can be used to accelerate the National Malaria Program in timely manner.

11 December 2018