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MVRU and team at the Faculty of Tropical Medicine have continued participating in “Phase II of the Southeast Asia ICMER” funded by NIAID/NIH, USA. The study is directed by Dr. Liwang Cui from Pennsylvania State University and co-directed by Dr. Jetsumon Sattabongkot Prachumsri. New data management system led by Dr. Jaranit Keawkunangwan and team from BIOPHICS will be used to combine and manage data from phase I and II.

The International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research (ICEMR) program, created in July 2010, established a global network of independent research centers in malaria-endemic settings to provide knowledge, tools, and evidence-based strategies to support researchers working in a variety of settings.

The goal of the Southeast Asia ICEMR is to improve understanding of how mobile human populations, mosquito biology and parasite drug resistance contribute to continuous malaria transmission at international borders. The regional ICEMR will bring together diverse expertise from China, Myanmar, Thailand and the United States to address urgent problems that are relevant to both regional and global malaria control so that innovative control strategies can be developed.