Merozome of P. vivax obtained from in vitro culture...

In vitro culture of P. vivax liver satge using HCO4 cell line. This video is taken by Mr. Wiwatchai Chanbanchong, PhD student who's working on the identification of host factors that regulate P. vivax liverstage…Read more »

Enrichment of reticulocytes from peripheral blood

During the past decades, many efforts have been undertaken to establish a continuous culture system for P. vivax . One of the major challenges in the development of in vitro culture of P. vivax lies in its preference…Read more »

Production of Plasmodium vivax sporozoites

This cool video produced by Dr. Nil Gural. It shows you how we produce P. vivax sporozoites. It requires the following not-so-pleasant steps: (1) Forced Mating (2) Access to malaria infected blood from patients (3) On…Read more »