The Mahidol Vivax Research Unit (MVRU) is a leader in malaria research in Asia. We are looking for highly motivated young researchers seeking a challenging, rewarding postdoc position studying the immunology of malaria. A selected candidate will commence work in Thailand (in the laboratory and in endemic areas) with excellent opportunities to gain experience working with endemic populations. We are pleased to offer a 3-year contract and an attractive compensation package. This position would suit recent postdoc wishing to establish his/her research career. If you are interested, please contact, and send your resume/curriculum vitae to, Research Professor Jetsumon Prachumsri, e-mail


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Why work at MVRU?

MVRU currently holds many grants to conduct malaria research in Thailand and the greater Mekong Subregion. Our research spans epidemiology, diagnostics, vector biology and transmission, drug and vaccine development, and parasite biology.

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